The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

Recognizing the need for top quality research in the field of addictions, the Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission has partnered with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) on several research projects focused on new treatment protocols for drug abuse and dependence. Working with these prominent leaders in the field of substance abuse, Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission is committed to evidence based treatment of the disease of addiction.


The national Clinical Trials Network (CTN) was established in 1999 by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) to improve services to individuals battling drug abuse and addiction. It currently takes several years from the time an intervention is proven effective in a research setting until it is used in the field in clinical practice. NIDA hopes to change that by bridging the gap between research of drug abuse and addiction and treatment.

By getting intervention and treatment protocols into the hands of community based practitioners more quickly, NIDA funds research studies involving treatment agencies directly. Along with 17 influential drug addiction treatment centers such as Duke, Yale, John Hopkins University and UCLA, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) was selected, after a rigorous selection process, as a national leader to participate in NIDA’s campaign. MUSC chose to partner with the Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission to conduct community research protocols. The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission has been a part of NIDA’s commitment to bridge the gap between research of drug abuse and addiction and treatment since 2000.

Other Research

The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission also partners with MUSC in conducting their drug abuse and addiction platform research studies. As the funder and coordinator, MUSC conducts studies at The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission in cooperation with our treatment providers and volunteer participants.

Research Studies at DADC:

Injectable Naltrexone Depot – closed
Methamphetamine Cues for Craving – closed
Contingency Management for Marijuana (Adolescents) – closed

STAGE-12- 12-step treatment model for stimulant abusers – closed

Smoking Cessation for Stimulant Abusers – closed

Please call The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission at 843-871-4790 if you would like to be considered for participation in a research study.

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