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I was very happy with the ADSAP program. Had I known it was that good of a class, I would not have put off taking it for so long! The counselor was excellent and I enjoyed his style. I would take the class again if I could!

It was also very convenient to be able to take the class on weekends. I benefitted greatly from the ADSAP program.

— Randy, ADSAP client

DADC has changed my life. It has given me hope and understanding about addiction. Through the programs offered at DADC, I have been able to live happy, joyous and free with serenity in my heart, mind and soul.

— Jeni

Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission has influenced and inspired me from my old direction to a new direction. I was an addict for 25 years, in trouble with the law, behind in bills and neglecting personal responsibilities. I went to other treatment facilities and got nothing out of it.

I was very impressed with DADC and would recommend their programs and services to anyone who is ready for recovery. DADC is organized and education is abundant. I learned the tools I needed – awareness of addiction, warning signs and triggers, and how to handle them.

I’d still be doing what I was doing had I not come to the Intensive Outpatient Program at DADC. I believed I was always going to be a drug addict, but I learned I had a choice. Now I am financially stable and I’m figuring out what I want to do with my life!

DADC helped inspire change in my life. Now I have no desire to use but I have desire to help others. I’m a success story.

— Chris

My son is doing extremely well and is benefitting from services at DADC. I appreciate all the work of such gifted counselors.

— Parent of IOP client

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission has been a fabulous experience for me! I can’t believe the difference! I am clean and sober. I’m strong and forgiving.

When I was binge drinking, I lost everything. I gave up and hit bottom. For a period of time, I couldn’t get out of bed. I began treatment and learned tools to deal with stress and pain, instead of turning to drink.

What I got out of IOP is strength, hope, knowledge, great support, health, self worth, happiness. Now I don’t need happiness from the outside, I get it from inside. IOP taught me to love myself for who I am, that I’m a good person.

I’m a new person now that I’m clean. This has been an absolute life-changing experience, a rebirth! I like me! I’m a better person and mother for it!

I would tell others that the IOP program at DADC is a fantastic experience if you apply yourself – do your homework and use your tools. You have to want to. I never miss a meeting!

— Amanda, IOP client

I came involuntarily, I was court-ordered.  I needed treatment for health reasons – alcohol will kill ya.  I lost my wife and began drinking again- I lost it.

You gotta help yourself at some point and learn coping skills. I have been to several programs over years of using alcohol.  The IOP program was a very good program and the counselors were excellent.

If you have an alcohol or drug problem, you need to get treatment, get started on the right path, and be tough day to day.

— Ken, ADSAP, IOP client

I appreciate how you people at DADC really care about us.

My counselor was great. I already recommended your agency!

I am sober because of my counselor.

I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know.

You all went the extra mile for me…. I got the help I needed and I won’t forget it!

I got a lot out of it, very good instructors.

I am currently drug free because of my counselor at Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission.

The counselors are outstanding. This is the only agency I would recommend.

— Anonymous

My experience at the Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission Intensive Outpatient Program has been essential to my recovery. The rehabilitation topics and recovery tools are only overshadowed by the talents of the counselors themselves.

The open, honest atmosphere can easily lead to topics only peripherally related to general recovery. But the counselors are always skillfully able to remain on-point and bring whatever comes up back into a helpful positive lesson without dampening the patients’ spirits or openness to share.

In IOP group, laughter and learning are in perfect balance, thanks to the aptitude of the staff. I would recommend DADC IOP to anyone serious about their recovery. It can lead to a catharsis of letting go of an old way of life while

actively learning how to enjoy a new one.

— Will

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