Adult Risk Reduction

The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

The Adult Risk Reduction (ARR) group is an educational program designed to reduce the risk of drug use and problematic alcohol use. Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission’s experienced clinicians assist clients to develop an accurate self-assessment of risk for addiction and to identify and use drug-free coping skills to manage emotions and behaviors that might put you at risk to abuse substances.

The program increases knowledge of the impact of substances on the body and brain as well as its impact on interpersonal functioning. Clients will learn the effects of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs on the body and brain and will be able to verbalize an understanding of personal symptoms of use versus addiction. Adult Risk Reduction aims to empower clients to construct an action plan to lower the risk for addiction. The group meets once weekly for an hour and a half, for a minimum of 6 sessions.

Adult Risk Reduction is an educational program not covered by insurance. Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission offers payment plans based on a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. Please call to schedule an appointment.

ARR empowers clients to construct an action plan to lower the risk for addiction.

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