CADA: Community Against Domestic Abuse

The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

The CADA program is designed to help men and women end violence in their relationships, to reduce the occurrence of domestic violence families and in the community. Credentialed by the Department of Social Services (DSS), CADA accepts both voluntary referrals and mandated referrals from police, courts, probation/parole, DSS or any agency that interfaces with domestic violence offenders or victims.

Offender’s Services
Based on the Duluth and Emerge Models of offender treatment, CADA is a 26-week open format group program in which participants are guided to examine attitudes to help end abusive behavior. Clients learn healthy communication skills and adaptive coping skills to manage difficult emotions. Clients are expected to demonstrate the acceptance of responsibility for their actions, willingness to change, and intention to refrain from further violence. The group meets weekly for 2 hours and is self-pay.

Participants must be minimum age 18 and have been engaged in domestic violence.  Please call Dorchester Counseling Services at 843-871-4793 for further information.

(Exclusions: Participants who present with substance abuse are expected to engage in substance abuse treatment prior to beginning CADA intervention. Persons with severe mental illness will be referred to appropriate mental health services. Persons who present with a clear and present danger to others and those who refuse to accept program rules or responsibility for their abusive behavior will not be accepted into CADA services.) 

Victim’s Services
Dorchester Counseling Services offers individual services for male and female victims of domestic abuse and other violence. Treatment planning is client-focused, designed to achieve and maintain safety and to examine and improve the emotional functioning of clients and their children. Victim’s Services supports victims of violence in moving from the role of victim to survivor to thriver.

Please call Dorchester Counseling Services at 843-871-4793 for free safety material for victims of abuse or to schedule an appointment.

Some insurance plans cover individual counseling services, or a flexible payment plan can be arranged.

(Safety material for victims of abuse is free upon request. Please contact the CADA program at 843-871-4793.)

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