Motivational Recovery Group

The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

The Motivational Recovery Group at Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission is a therapeutic program designed to intervene in the progression of potential addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. Our experienced and licensed clinicians assist clients in identifying triggers for substance use and barriers to staying clean and sober. Clients explore and identify cravings and high-risk behaviors and develop strategies to avoid them. The group process is supportive of recovery, allowing clients develop coping skills and pro-recovery activities for ongoing success.

Clients will learn the effects of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs on the body and brain and will be able to verbalize an understanding of personal symptoms of use versus addiction. Clients are assisted in developing a relapse prevention plan for long term recovery. The group meets once weekly for an hour and a half, for a minimum of 8 sessions.

We at Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission believe that addiction is a primary, chronic and potentially fatal but treatable disease, and recovery is a lifestyle change. Relapse is often part of the disease/recovery dynamic, and may be treated by referring to a higher level of care. Following successful completion of the the Motivational Recovery Group, clients are generally encouraged to follow up with community counseling or support groups to reinforce progress and help prevent relapse.

Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission accepts Medicare and Medicaid and some private insurance plans. Some insurance companies cover group therapy and we will help you obtain pre-authorization. We believe that every person in need of treatment should have equal access to the highest quality service; therefore we will assist those clients with financial hardship with a payment plan.

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