Offender Based Intervention

The Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

Alcohol and/or other drug abuse sometimes results in legal problems. The Offender-Based Intervention Program is a substance abuse education and treatment program designed for individuals age 17 and older who are referred through the South Carolina Department of Probation, Pardon and Parole Services or other criminal justice referring agencies.

Based on assessment, a program consisting of counseling and education is developed to meet the needs of each client. Service modalities may include individual, group, and/or family counseling. Goals of the OBI program are to help individuals reduce the risk of re-offending and to promote positive lifestyle changes by addressing the individual’s attitude, thinking and behavior as it relates to substance abuse and criminal activity.

The referring agencies are notified of the participant’s progress and participation, and in order to fulfill his or her obligations the client must successfully complete all the recommended services including an exit interview and pay required fees.

Please call the Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission at 843-871-4790 for further information or to enroll in the OBI program.

Clients are required to pay a fee of $350 mandatory fee for the Offender Based Intervention Program. Additional fees will be incurred for urine drug screens when indicated. In such cases Intensive Outpatient Treatment is recommended, clients are responsible for these treatment fees. The Agency accepts Medicaid, Medicare and some private insurance which might cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment; and for clients without insurance, we offer payment plans based on a sliding fee scale.

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