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Adolescent Services

Adolescent Services of Dorchester Alcohol & Drug Commission and Dorchester Counseling Services fulfill a primary goal of responding to the growing need for adolescent treatment intervention for high-risk behavior and alcohol and drug related problems. Outpatient group therapy is available, as well as individual and family therapy. Please call for an assessment if you are concerned your teen might be in need of supportive counseling or intervention services.

The Behavior Management Group is intended to help students and their families identify and overcome situations leading to or underlying high-risk behaviors. With a focus on decreasing behavioral problems, this program aims to strengthen communication and decision-making skills, improve identification with family and school, and enhance judgment and utilization of internal and external resources. Through mutual sharing of problems and discussion of effective communication and problem solving, clients are guided to discover their own strengths and coping skills.

The Youth Risk Reduction Group provides a forum for teens to identify and overcome problems and situations leading to or underlying alcohol and drug use. Goals include increasing knowledge of the impact that drugs and alcohol have on the body and brain as well as improving understanding of family and social values which impact use. This education – therapy format engages teens in enjoying their peer group and activities toward making healthy decisions that impact their well-being.

The Adolescent Breakthrough Group provides a higher level of intervention for adolescents who have a demonstrated substance use problem and an inability to stop their use despite negative consequences. Clients are aided to identify triggers, cravings and high-risk behaviors and to develop strategies to avoid them. The group process is supportive of recovery, allowing clients to identify and develop coping skills and recovery skills for ongoing success.

Middle and high school students who are identified and referred by Dorchester School District II may attend Adolescent Services through the School Intervention Program (ScIP), a program supported by a contractual agreement with Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission.

Please contact Dorchester Counseling Services at 843-871-4793 for more information or to schedule an assessment by our highly trained clinicians.

Dorchester Counseling Services accepts Medicaid, Medicare and some private insurance, some of which cover individual, group and family therapy. For those without insurance coverage, payment plans based on a sliding fee scale are offered.